Veenstra 2002 - "Social capital and health (plus wealth, income inequality, and regional health governance)"

"Social capital and health (plus wealth, income inequality and regional health governance)"
Social Science and Medicine
March 2002; v54, n6; pp 849-868
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Relevance: Medium-high

Describes a study of 30 health districts in Saskatchewan, comparing population health with social capital, income inequality, wealth, and governance. Social capital meant associational and civic participation. Two findings stand out:

  • The author found no evidence of a relationship between social capital and good governance in the health districts.
  • Low social capital was correlated to high mortality; high income inequality was also correlated to high mortality. The author writes, "the two may be co-mingled somehow when it comes to population health, although they were not significantly related to one another."

Veenstra's findings are promising because his use of social capital--associational and civic participation--is the same kind that may be affected by sprawl. And while the effects of social capital on mortality are "co-mingled" with income inequality, there is a relationship.


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