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March 17, 2006

Plan B at Walmart

Walmart today reversed course on Plan B. Starting Monday, it will begin offering Plan B in all its pharmacies nationwide, as the Associated Press reports.

That's great news, because Walmart controls a huge share of Cascadia's pharmacy market share.

Over the long term, this development may have a bigger impact on our place's future than anything else in the news today.

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This issue bugs me because I think that the policy proscription is pretty clear.

Pharmacies and pharmacists are licensed by the state to dispense legal drugs. If a drug is legal and is requested by a customer, prescribed by a medical professional, etc., then to me, based on having the privilege of a license to practice-dispense drugs, the pharmacy and the pharmacist is duly bound to dispense the drug, as a requirement of being privileged with a license to be a pharmacy-pharmacist. Being licensed comes with the duty to meet the requirements of the license, which is to dispense legal drugs.

Therefore, the appropriate response to pharmacies or pharmacists that fail to dispense legal drugs is to retract their licenses.

Posted by: Richard Layman | Mar 28, 2006 6:52:40 PM