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January 13, 2006

Prince(ss) of Tides

Since last Friday, I’m proud to announce, the venerable Cascadian news website Tidepool has been a project of NEW. Yep, we’ve completed a friendly takeover!

Since 1997, Tidepool has been highlighting the most significant news that’s shaping Cascadia. Every morning, Tidepool’s editors scan dozens of news sites and assemble the stories that will actually matter in Cascadia a few years hence—the slow news (pdf). It’s an essential service, and it’s one that thousands of Cascadians use every day.

Tidepool was seeking a new home, and its service is a natural complement for this blog and NEW’s other analyses of key trends in Cascadia. So both organizations are excited about the transfer. We think it’ll lead to big improvements all the way around—in the news digest, in the blog, and in our website.

Tidepool has long been a community asset—something kept healthy through the active support of its thousands of readers. This new phase in Tidepool’s development won’t change that fact; to the contrary, NEW will soon introduce more ways to participate in Tidepool’s evolution. If you’re not already a member of that community, please join by signing up for a free subscription.

For more information on NEW’s ownership—really, stewardship—of Tidepool, read this letter to its subscribers.

And meet the new NEW editor of Tidepool: Princess of Tides Kristin Kolb-Angelbeck.

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Congratulations to NEW and Tidepool! When I first heard about this acquisition a part of me felt like the intimacy of the organization(s) might be at stake and my feelings were mixed. That concern was quickly put to rest after considering that the consequence of never growing (of preserving intimacy) would mean you necessarily limit the impact of your efforts. So in the end, I'm confident this change is part of a smart growth agenda - congratulations again!

Posted by: Patrick Niemeyer | Jan 13, 2006 2:47:44 PM

What an awesome NEW TIDEPOOL of abundant priceless treasures! Congratulations!

And just to help get this big ship steered in the right direction, here's a bit of humble volunteer navigating:

In case you couldn't get the "slow news (pdf)" to work properly, you might try this one without the extra "http://" in the URL


Here's wishing NEW TIDEPOOL the best success!

Posted by: Michelle Parker | Jan 13, 2006 6:09:15 PM