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August 31, 2005

Last Chance to Comment

The public comment period for our discussion of sustainability fundamentals will soon come to a close. For all of you who have already left your comments, thank you! The discussion has been fascinating so far.

If you have an interest in the broad question of how NEW should define sustainability for itself, and how we should focus our messages about values and principles, please head on over to our parallel blog and read our proposed language and the comments it has inspired. And, by all means, add to the string!

Sometime soon, we will close the blog, make some changes based on the feedback we received, and begin a new phase in the testing of these ideas with specific audiences. If you have strong ideas about the direction we take, this may be your last chance to speak up...

When you head over to the other blog, you'll find some introductory background information and more detailed language around these three values:

  1. Strong Communities
  2. Thriving Nature [or "Thriving Commons"]
  3. Free and Fair Markets

And these five principles:

  1. Measure what matters
  2. Grow up, not out [or “Build great places”]
  3. Make prices tell the truth
  4. Ensure every child is wanted
  5. Prove safety first

Don't leave your comments here, though. Navigate to the fundamentals blog and comment to your heart's content there! Thanks.

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