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June 09, 2005

Capping Carbon

When it comes to reducing emissions, Portland is walking the talk. En route to Kyoto, the Rose City has become the first major city community (not just muni government) to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to 1990 levels.

In related news, Seattle mayor Greg Nickels is in Chicago this weekend trying to convince the US Conference of Mayors to sponsor his city-by-city Kyoto pledge. To date, Nickels has enlisted 161 mayors, representing 33 million Americans.

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Kudos for pulling cities together in common cause, Mayor Nickels. Visibility and a sense of shared responsibility are important. But please let's all note the contrast between what Portland did and what Seattle is willing to consider doing.
Portland, on their success:
"(The report) cites an array of reasons, including: Creation of two more light-rail lines and a 75 percent growth in public transit since 1990..."
and on their intentions:
..... "We have to work to get off fossil fuels. Renewables and transportation efficiency are the keys."

Meanwhile, back in Seattle, where "the Puget Sound region's single biggest source of emissions is transportation, with cars accounting for most of the problems. And regional emissions are expected to increase 21 percent over 1990 levels by 2010, according to the Puget Sound Clean Air Agency," Mayor Nickels' intention is to:

"...cut greenhouse-gas emissions in many ways, ranging from planting trees to relying more on solar, wind and nuclear power."

Where is the discussion of reducing car dependence? How does investing $4.5 billion in a new higway help meet Kyoto goal? We need to keep his feet to the fire on this one.

Posted by: cary | Jun 9, 2005 10:41:04 AM