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April 12, 2005

Article of the Day

Mother Jones has a revealing two-page graphic on the upsizing of the American Dream. (The link takes you to a text overview and offers downloads of two jumbo pdfs of the magazine spread.) It caught my eye in the print edition and the good folks at MoJo have now posted it on their website. It's packed with fascinating tidbits.

The crux:

The American Dream just keeps growing. Since 1970 the size of the average new home has ballooned by 50 percent. “Great rooms,” Viking ranges, 10-acre lots—can moats and turrets be far behind?

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Actually moats and turrets are already here. Drive around any upscale suburban area in Texas and what do you see? Guard-shacks and gates blocking access to subdivision after subdivision.

I don't think that sort of thing is popular in the Northwest quite yet. But you sure see it elsewhere.

It's part of the Latin-ification of this country. The next thing you know, every upscale neighborhood will be surrounded by 10' walls with the tops covered by broken glass and razor wire. Just like in Mexico City and Bogota.

Posted by: Kent | Apr 12, 2005 8:13:12 AM