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January 10, 2005

Glacier(less) Bay, Alaska

The Anchorage Daily News highlights a photo feature in the December 17 San Francisco Chronicle that we missed.

It shows before and after pictures of various Glacier Bay, Alaska, scenes. The effects of climate change are stunning.

See all the photos here.

Here's one pair, both by the US Geological Survey.

Muir Inlet, 1941:


Muir Inlet, from the same spot, 2004:


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There is a very interesting theory about global warming, proposed by Eugene Richard on his website:

(See both "Global Warming and Cooling" and "The Earth's Thermostat.")

He proposes that the earth's present-day warming is both natural and inevitable, since global warming and cooling have always been a part of the earth's evolutionary history. Additionally, while the earth's internal heat has been increasing, its magnetic field has been subsequently decreasing, which will ultimately lead to a magnetic field reversal -- something which has also been a part of its natural history.

One other thing to note, though not mentioned by Mr. Richard: This summer, scientists detected a "huge shift" in the earth's magnetic field at its magnetic poles. (You might want to remember that when you hear about the polar glaciers melting.)

Hopefully, this will provide us with further incentive to find immediate solutions to heat-trapping greenhouse gases, since we don't want to hasten this increase in temperature unnecessarily.
We also might want to consider getting "in sync" with this natural warming trend, since noone can really predict how long this "global garden of eden" will last.

Posted by: Michelle Parker | Jan 10, 2005 7:16:28 PM