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September 27, 2005

More Bang for Your Blog

This week, Northwest Environment Watch is starting its fall fund drive. As many of you know, we count on the support of hundreds of generous donors to provide the Cascadia Scorecard Weblog (along with other resources):

  • Since April 2004, we've published almost 900 blog posts, on topics ranging from the loss of hiking trails in the Northwest to whether buses are more cost-effective than light rail to personal climate-change confessions.

  • Our posts have been reprinted on websites and in newspapers, and have generated long and lively online discussions. One reader says of the blog: “NEW often finds a unique set of perspectives and solutions to important local problems.”

  • Here's the catch: Though the blog is free to readers, it's not free for us to produce. We spend about 10 percent of our research time on posts and responding to reader comments.

So--if you enjoy reading, commenting on, or forwarding the information in the Cascadia Scorecard Weblog, please think about making a fund drive donation that will help us continue offering this resource.

**Click here to make a gift online via PayPal.

**And here is a form you can print out and use to make a donation through the mail.

Your gift will also fund our monthly newsletter—the Cascadia Scorecard News—and the books, reports, maps, and other tools that many in this region have come to count on for credible research and practical solutions for helping turn the tide toward a sustainable future.

Thanks very much for supporting NEW’s work—for reading, commenting, discussing the issues with friends and colleagues, and…if you choose to…for making a contribution.

P.S. Please comment below on why you support Northwest Environment Watch: What brings you to the Scorecard Weblog? Why did you sign up for Cascadia Scorecard News? If you’ve ever made a donation, what made you decide to give? Your feedback means a lot to us.

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